This is the Story of Empress Ming

Tracey Silber is a Massage Therapist who has become a dear friend. Tracey loves cats and helps us with cat shows and grooming our kids with fur.

Dearest Caprice and David,

I don't even know where to begin...
This is a long overdue...huge Thank You...
~for the most amazing little girl in the world!!!

Anyone even thinking about getting another cat or a first one, should be as blessed as me to have found you two! You say you fill holes in peoples hearts...and my hole was huge, having just lost one of my best friends~ "yin."

Nine years ago in the process of getting divorced, I moved to Florida. My "ex" got my two Siamese (Kira and Q) in the process. The first thing I needed was new kitties...and Yin & Yang became my new family. I wasn't able to find Siamese but I found this breed called Balinese, which were "just like Siamese, but even better"... So Yin & Yang, and Tracey muddled through the last 8+ years together.

Then in August...the bomb...Yin was diagnosed with diabetes...shot, blood testing, food changes...It was really hard...Then worse....polycystic kidney disease...October 1st, I had to say good-bye...I just couldn't let him suffer anymore.

Yin & Yang were NEVER separated before and now Yin was gone... My neighbors actually thought I died. Yang just kept crying and crying. I was torn as to weather he would adjust and enjoy being an only child or weather he needed a new companion.

And then I found Caprice and David, who really understood!
You guys listened to me talk about Yin & Yang ... and actually played matchmaker...October 11th...I brought home a new little girl!!!
I was worried about how Yang would react...but listened to how I was supposed to keep them separated initially, and her in a small room so she could get familiar with new smells and surroundings. Short supervised visits at first. Within 3 days, no more hissing...2 weeks they were playing ... and now they are lovers. Yang is happy again...playing, purring, and not making the neighbors worry anymore... Now Ming has a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean as you can see behind her.

NOW about my new little girl ~ MING!
Well, the "MING Dynasty" has begun in my home...
MING is the most amazing kitten I have ever had!!!
She has the SOFTEST "rabbit like" fur, Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's if you just look at her...understands the word NO...and gets upset if she gets yelled at (she actually gives herself "time-out"). She incredibly DOES NOT use her nails at all (even slides off the bed when jumping up on the bed if she misses) ~ just scratches on her post.
She is the most creative kitty I've ever had...she makes her own toys...she loves to fetch...and fetch...and fetch...and fetch...and fetch...and fetch...and fetch...and fetch.
And she is actually 'fair' if there is company, returning her toy alternately to different people so everyone is included. Loves watching me do make-up and hair, loves hair scrungies. MING enjoys drinking out of her crystal wine glass on the bathroom counter. Here's where she taught me good manners...little kittens can't make it from the floor to the bathroom counter, so she jumps on the toilet seat then to the counter. Well, that's fine unless you forget to close the lid! She got a little wet assuming the lid was closed. Mommy (that's me) learned very quickly to adopt proper bathroom etiquette (closing the lid) to protect MING. * (update: she can now jump directly to the counter but I have made my new manners a habit).

Everyday is special because every time I wake up...the first thing I see is Ming's beautiful face looking at me.

Did I forget to mention how BEAUTIFUL she is ... I call her my little "beauty queen"!!! My "EMPRESS MING" prances around in an ever so feminine way, waving her incredible, fluffy, plume-like tail. One of my clients says she looks like Barbara Streisand. (I saw the January 2004 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine, and I think MING should have been on the cover!)

I didn't know how I could possibly have a Yang without a Yin but Caprice, David and MING have made Yang and Tracey (me) very happy again. I thought Balinese were an amazing breed before...but this whole experience has made a true "BALIver" out of me!!! (get it? believer). My new little "bali-girl" (get it? Like valley-girl) is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time...

Peace, Love, Happiness, Smiles,
Purrs and Mews,

p.s. Yang sends special thank-you's and Ming sends her love!

Tracey congratulating Ghiradella after becoming a Champion at the Fort Lauderdale 'Cats Exclusive' Cat Show.

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