Dave & Caprice:

Little Amelie is such a sweet cute little thing. She knows her name and no matter where she is, when you call her she pops out of wherever she is and comes running * of course, it doesn't hurt to have a dish of wet food in your hand.

She can run and jump, wiggle and twirl like a little nymp. She's still small and petite and a bit clumsy, but in spite of it all, she is still quite elegant. She is going to be quite regal. She has gained weight (however, I promise not to let her get fat and out of shape) and her coat is becoming more and more beautiful and her eyes are developing a clarity - the blue is stunning.

As I mentioned before, her manners are impeccable. Even though she might want someone else's wet food, she would never push them out of their dish. She just sits and waits for her's. She will always cover her waste and cover anyone else's that is neglectful.

She loves her adoptive father, Rajah the Bengal, and he loves her. If she is on the other side of a door, he will cry for her. Well, enough for now - enjoy the weekend.

I am so glad I have her and I hope we spend many years together!

Verna is a cat lover 'of course' and gives her furry children a great home. She also works for the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

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