Balinese Cats and Kittens

A Young Lilac Lynx Point Javanese/Balinese Female Kitten. She is one of the reasons that we breed Balinese Cats.

A Stunning Blue Point Balinese/Javanese Female Kitten below. She is the sister to the Lilac Lynx.

Close Ups of the Kittens Above with the Lilac Lynx first followed by the Blue Point.

This is an Extreme Seal Lynx Point Female Kitten from Montessori's Gisha. Her name is 'Amelie' and she lives with a very nice lady who lives in New York and works for the New York Supreme Court.

Little Blue Lynx Point Boy from 'Montessori It's A Beautiful Day'. He's now called 'Montessori's Master Fu'.

Extreme Seal Lynx Point Male. No dip in the nose! His name is Montessori's Andy'. He's Super Sweet Too!!!

Four Happy Javanese/Balinese Kittens! Two of these little guys now co-own the Main Hotel in Belize with their people. They can be found lounging in the lobby waiting to greet guests, busy doing chores or riding the elevator. Please give them a kiss for us if you visit.

Some babies hanging out.