Classic(Traditional) Balinese

This is Champion Montessori's Marble Cakes who is a Seal Point Balinese

Traditional Balinese are rounder and stockier than the Extreme Show Type Balinese. Their ears are smaller and set a little higher on their heads and they may have a slight dip in their nose line. Their eyes are perhaps a little rounder but they still have that wonderful Deep Blue Sapphire Color. Traditional Balinese legs are just a little shorter than the Extreme Balinese. The traditionals are not big cats but basically the same size as the extreme Balinese with softer lines. The most important area is personality and here is where they are the same. Both Traditional and Extreme Balinese have wonderful personalities. They just can't get enough of you!

This is a little Blue Lynx Point Traditional Balinese Girl who is as sweet as sugar and how could a kitten be any cuter?

This is a little Blue Point Traditional Male. You can easily see the lure of the Traditional Balinese Kitten when you see him!

Three Curious Traditional Blue Point Balinese Babies

Echo, Starbuck and Casper who now live in New York, Indiana and Colorado, respectively

Koentje Oberman is a 'Stunning' Lynx Point Balinese (Javanese) Female. She will be going home to Washington with Fred & Elaine & her new 'big sister' Shelby when she is old enough.
Elaine Oberman proudly holding her new little Balinese daughter 'Koentje'.

This is Koentje in all of her glory. She is a great looking girl and she is sweet as she is pretty!!!

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