This is Grand Champion Montessori's "Radar Love" and a Very Proud Daddy Dave. We are showing him at the winter cat show in Boca Raton, Florida in this photo below.

Here's our Radar just hanging out in the show pose knowing full well that he's THE BEST!!! He was the 8th Best Cat in The International Cat Exhibitors. They asked us to bring him back to show again and he won Best Bali for two consecutive years.

Radar is a Magnificient Lilac Point Balinese. Here he is in front of his show cage with some of the Rosettes he just won. We are so proud of him - Radar Love won the BEST BALINESE for the second year in a row!!!

"Radar Love" is elegant and his offspring generally look much like him. They get his exquisite long silky coat, his big nicely set ears and his deep sapphire blue eye color. Most importantly, he makes babies with his great sweet mushy personality!

Radar's litter when he was just six weeks old. Can you guess looking at the ears which one he is???

Champion Montessori's Daily Squeeze. 'Squeeze' is a Stunning Lilac Lynx Point Javanese. He makes our most wonderful sweet and very extreme Javanese Babies!

This guy is called 'Amadeus'. He is an Exquisite Lilac Point Balinese who now lives in Virginia with some very important cat people!

This Beautiful Female Lilac Lynx Point Javanese is called Emi and she is as sweet as she is beautiful! A very sweet lady named Candace got Emi for her parents in Ohio and she is just what they wanted! "What an amazing handful - active, active and more active. She is a true gift to my parents, they love and adore having her. She is especially very good company for my dad, who is in a chair most of the day. I tied some of her toys that are on strings to his walker so itís like a little jungle-gym for her. He just sits there and watches her for hours and hours.

She is so beautiful and I'm trying to get a good picture of her. Emi wonít sit still, and when she is sleeping, itís on her back. Literally, all the time, legs straight up in the air. Thank you so much for sending us this precious little girl."

Emi posing at Christmas time.

Brown Derby looking for someone to play with. He grew up, became a Champion, and made lots of wonderful babies.
Joey on the left (one of our favorites) and her brother who they named Joey II on the right. Joey II now lives on a Great Big Ranch in Texas and is loved by all the cowboys!
Would You Like to Box?
I Love Looking at My Beautiful Brother and my Best Friend.

Three very extreme babies seeing a 'Flying Saucer'.
Champion Montessori's Buttons & Bows with an 'Awesome' litter of Kittens.
A Blue Point Variant Balinese Shorthair Boy (Montessori's Perfect Gentleman), A Chocolate Point Boy (Champion Montessori's Brown Derby) And a Chocolate Point Female (Champion Montessori's Swiss Miss)
Look at the Big Ears on those kittens!!!

This extreme little girl went to in Connecticut to live with Rita Asper who has been showing her over the east coast. Rita calls us after each show about her progress. We were all happy to hear that she became a Champion in the show ring in Pennsylvania. Her name is 'Tyler Rose'and she grew up to be a very handsome Bali girl!

Three kittens,Two Seal Lynx Points (including Venus) and a Seal Point, caught by the camera while exploring.

Close Up of Javanese Seal Lynx Point Female on the left, A Really CUTE little girl who is now called 'VENUS'.

TICA Quad Grand Champion Othello, a Seal Lynx Point Balinese/Javanese.

This is 'Beautiful', an eight month old extreme show type Lilac Lynx Point Female Balinese/Javinese

Chiffon is a Beautiful Lilac Point Champion Balinese! We named her Chiffon because her beautiful coat looked like spun silk! Chiffon produced two beautiful daughters named 'Champion Montessori's Ribbons & Lace' and 'Champion Montessori's Buttons & Bows'.



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