Schatsi, this Stunning Balinese Girl got a great home with wonderful people and a Gorgeous View in New York City.

Dear David & Caprice:
She is beautiful. In fact, on our way home from the airport, she kept getting all sorts of compliments from people in other cars. Her coloring is different from our Popi's so we are sending you a picture of him taken last year in order that you may compare. Or best regards to you both, Maria and Bruce.

Dear David & Caprice:
She is, indeed, a very sweet kitten and we hope she will get used to us soon. Today she ate quite well from my hand and she also had enough water so I am not worried on that score. Thanks for letting us know which gourmet food our Schatsi prefers. It may come in very handy. Our best regards, Maria and Bruce.


Sometimes Koshka is busy playing or eating, not paying any attention to Shatsi and then she slowly approaches him, teases him, provokes him, and, naturally he runs after her. She is very quick and rarely does he catch her.

Dear David & Caprice:
May you have a joyous, bountiful Thanksgiving! The two members of the family are becoming good friends!

Regards, Maria & Bruce

Seasons greetings from the four of us! We thought you might like the hi-rise accomodations - as do Schatsi & Koshka.

Schatsi's Picture Showing Her Gorgeous Sapphire Blue Eyes

Regards - Maria & Bruce

Dear Caprice & David:

We thought you might like these pictures of that coquettish lady, Schatsi. She's better company than those two ill-tempered gals, Katrina & Rita, with whom, we hope, you may have avoided a close encounter.

Best wishes:
Maria and Bruce

Schatsi in a Beige Bed!

Schatsi in a Blue Bed (She does get Around).

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