This is Darleen (loves cats and is not married) and her Himalayan 'Mikie' who are adopting the little Chocolate Point Balinese (Max) pictured here. 'Mikie' asked Darleen for a friend because he is lonely while she goes to work as a nurse. 'Mikie' is very special to Darleen so she (of course) said yes. Max will be joining them when he is ten weeks old. Max will be flying to Asheville.

Dear Dave & Caprice,
I have not forgotten you! Maxwell is now one year old & much bigger since his arrival. He's a "blast" - very intelligent, energetic & affectionate. Maxwell kept trying every day to play with Mikie until he gave up and said O.K. we'll be friends. He & Mikie (my Himalayan/Persian) have remained buddies since they met (by the fourth day). Mikie is now 2 years old. That's what I like so much about this special breed.

Maxwell is everything Mikie and I wanted and we Love Him Lots! Perhaps we will get another little Balinese some day.

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