This is a 'Great Litter of Balinese Kittens'. They are all Blue Points & Blue Lynx Points. They are (from the top left) Klinger, Rebock, Jacaranda and Touch of Grey.

This Beauty is a Seal Point Female who is sweet as she is pretty. She grew up to be Montessori's Shitake - like the mushroom.

This Little Lilac Point Female is Stunning!

This is a happy little Chocolate Point Boy named Montessori's Calzone.

Very Curious.(Same Chocolate Point Boy) who grew up to be the 6th best Balinese in CFA one year.

This little Seal Lynx Point Girl is a beauty! Look at those Blue Eyes! She is also VERY SWEET!

This One is a Beautiful and very sweet Seal Point Balinese Boy from another litter. He became Champion Montessori's Nuts To You. We called him 'Peanut'.

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