Hi Dave and Caprice,

Just a quick update on Prinkle...because I'm sure you are wondering how her first night went :).

I kept her in my room last night....litter box in the bathroom....food outside the bathroom door. It took her about 30 minutes to inspect the bathroom for safety....and another hour to inspect the bedroom. Once all that was done...she settled down and started to play with some toys Justin picked out for her. She even started talking a little and rubbing up against our legs (laying her claim to us :). She is ADORABLE! I let Justin sleep downstairs last night...and he went to sleep around 10 (he just didn't want to go because he was having so much fun....). Prinkle gave him a good night kiss on the nose...and that was enough to send him into dreamland. Prinkle curled up beside me and was asleep within 20 minutes..purring away. She slept through until 3...woke up for about an hour and a half with a little burst of energy...and then returned to crawl up in the bed and sleep 'til about 6am. This morning she was sooo spunky...playing with everything in site. I'm working through lunch so we can be home by 4.

Oh...and she is eating and drinking well...and using the litter box like a good girl :).

Prinkle and Justin played hockey with her balls this morning....which looked like fun for both of them (I had to bring Justin's breakfast in the room with her because he didn't want to leave ;).

I think I'll keep her in those two rooms for another day or two...I'm afraid the whole house might overwhelm her. What do you think?

She is a doll...thank you so much!!!



Just have a second, so I'll be quick.

Prinkle is definitely comfy with her world now. We took her into Justin's room for a little while last night...and instead of doing the "walk around the room to sniff and make sure its ok" routine...she just pounced on some of his toy airplanes. Good sign, I think. And I discovered a sweet spot on her back that she loves to have scratched....so she was following me around all night.

We pulled out the "fishing pole" toy too....with a dangling feather on the end...and you would have thought it was christmas. She loves it...so that took up at least an hour of her night with Justin.

And then....the sweet girl slept ALL NIGHT. She moved around on the bed a few times....but she seemed happy and content to just snooze while I snoozed (though it took some back scratching here and there to get her eyes lazy :) :).

You guys raised an incredible little kitten...I can tell why you miss her so much!

Thanks again,


Hi David, Caprice,

Prinkle is just incredible! She is sleeping through the night (or, I should say, she is no longer greeting me with a wet nose in the eye at 4am :). I started her off just in the master bedroom/bath...just to get her used to things (we are in the process of moving..so there are boxes everywhere and I didn't want that to overwhelm her). After three days of "confinement"....she is out and about in the house. She is funny, too, because once I opened the door for her to let her know the house was her kingdom...she still wouldn't leave the bedroom for more than five minutes. Now, however, she is everywhere all the time. Wherever the action is...she isn't far behind (including sitting on my lap right now trying to help me type). I grew up with lots of cats...so I knew I would love her...but Justin does too. He loves to play with her...and to "take care" of her too (he always remembers her food, water, litter box.)

We are moving on Saturday (just 1 mile away...we bought an old "fixer upper"). The house only has one floor, with lots of windows for Prinkle to look out. Now that she is used to us...I'm sure the move will be nothing compared to the stress she endured during flight. She is as spunky as spunky gets. And all I have to do is scratch her back and the purrs just don't stop. She's helping us pack toys right now. Actually...she is trying to pack HERSELF because she keeps jumping in the boxes!

Thanks again for bringing such a special member into our family. (Caprice..you can rest easy...she is VERY happy here ..I promise :).

Take Care,


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