Some Terrific and Available Scottish Fold Kittens



Call me 'Hamilton'. I look like a Jaguar. I'm shimmering Jet Black and my ears are folded. I also have nice big round eyes! Best of all - I am really sweet and I love to be touched and to spend time with my person (or persons). Get me while you can. P.S. (I also have a talent for casting spells...perhaps we'll win the lottery!)



Look at my Blue Eyes! Stand back 'Frank Sinatra'... you too 'Jack Benny'. Dave and Crystal can't keep their hands off of my Soft Long White hair. My Ears are Folded too. I am a boy hence the name 'Blizzard'. I'll come storming into your life and we'll fall in love forever!


New Year's Eve this year was 'TERRIFIC' ...I was BORN!. Both sophisticated and a deep thinker. I'm looking for a literary and creative home. I purr with passion and I'm spoiled "rotten". My long Cameo colored hair is long and beautiful. My ears are folded and I am the Whole Package! ; 



I get my name from my color which is Cream & White bi-color amd my ears are straight (like regular cat ears). My hair is long and I am an utterly adorable boy. Cuddling is my favorite past time.



I was 'Violet' when I was a little smaller but my secret escaped when I had a bath - I am a boy. I am now called 'Butch'. My Long Hair is very Dark Grey Tabby - almost Black Smoke with some faint Classic Tabby markings all with White making Me a Bi-Color. I also have very folded ears. Well, I'm a little embarassed about the sex thing but I am really good looking! I will adore you as you will see.



I run the X-Files and all things unexplainable. Scully , below, is my (real sister) partner in the X-Files. I'm Blue Tabby and White with Long Hair. I have Folded Ears too. I'm a one of a kind 'charmer'. You can see from my picture how handsome I really am. I like people. I have secrets and perhaps you may learn a few of them if you contact Crystal or David.



Mulder is my brother and I am his co-star. We are named after X Files characters and we are just as cool too! We love mysteries! It's difficult to tell us apart but he (Mulder) has a little black spot on his nose. His White face blaze is also a little more symetrical. No matter cause I'm really sweet and beautiful. I have Blue Tabby & White Long Hair, Folded Ears and Great Big Eyes. I'm a lap kitten!



I'm Sarah. I have a soft silky plush coat - and I love to pamper and be pampered. I'll share your pillow, your caviar, whip cream and Himalayan salt lamps. We can indulge together. You will never have the same routine once I arrive in your life!

'Charlie the Iguana'

I'm not divulging my birthday and I'm not really too sweet. I'm five feet long and very handsome don't you think? I am usually eating a Mango or perhaps some flowers but Dave asked me to pose for this shot.

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