Stephanie's Story

About eight years ago a sweet young lady named Stephanie purchased a Himalayan from us to live with her and her roommate in South Beach. Stephanie moved to Pompano about a year later and she let her roommate keep the Himalayan. Stephanie needed another cat companion but this time she wanted a cat who would really be her pal. It seems that the Himalayan would just lay around and watch the world go by and Stephany wanted one who would participate. We introduced her to a Balinese kitten who didn't look like a Himalayan but she said that she would try anyway. They bonded right away and Stephanie named the little Balinese girl 'Gabby' as she talked all of the time. Gabby slept with Stephanie right away and Gabby was all of the things that Stephanie wanted. Gabby shared her life story, every little detail, right away and she wasn't all that old yet. They were in love. Stephanie fell in love again and this time the lucky one was a great guy named Greg. He thought the world of Stephanie and when she asked, he called and arranged with us to get her another Balinese for herself and to keep Gabby company. She named this one Teddy and everyone, cats and people, all fell in love with each other. Now married, Greg and Stephanie got a dog who they named Lizzy. They all married and moved to a wonderful new home in Port Saint Lucy where Stephanie wanted another child but without fur. She got her wish and their son Zachary was born June 10, 2003. Here is what Stephanie wrote about her son and her wonderful Balinese kids.


Gabby and Teddy are just the most wonderful cats. I had to give Lizzy the dog away, as she was too jealous of my new baby Zachary. I am going to take some pics of Gabby and Teddy with my digital camera and send them to you. Zack is only three months old. I will send you some pics of him as well.

Take Care!


PS Gabby and Teddy are just doing awesome with the baby. They are such wonderful cats. I don't know what I would do without them. They are going to be great friends one day with the baby."

Stephanie has kept in touch for eight years now and has given our cats a wonderful home. We love to hear about our cats and the people they live with.

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