Winsome and Her People

This is Holiday Tuttle holding her darling 'Winsome'.
This is 'Winsome' grown up. She is really a very handsome Balinese girl.

This cat 'Winsome' is very loved and truth be told, really has the Tuttle household running smoothly these days. She has decided to keep them around to help with the chores and because they both tell her how great she is. Makes her feel GOOD!!!

Jason Tuttle holding 'Winsome' when she was an eight and a half week old little girl.

Shumai's New Family

Thought you would enjoy seeing Shumai's Christmas Picture. This is a kitty we purchased from you back in October of last year. He was born July 31, 2002.

We would also like to thank you for providing us with such a "Marvelous" cat. He is loving, sweet, playful, intelligent and of course mischievous! ! ! ! But, then again that is the nature of the breed. He loves playing in this cat gym and hiding little white toy mice. To date, we have purchased about two dozen and can't find one of them.

Thank you again,

Best regards,

Steve & Karen Hofstein

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