Hi David and Caprice,

Hard to believe that Cricket is almost 6 months old now. We love him so much. He is so sweet and playful and smart and naughty!! He loves to mouth me--"gnaw" on me especially. Hmmmm. How come? Loves the heights. Been using water bottles, but to no avail. Loves any sound--so inviting to explore. Oh, he loves when I play "chase" with him. I run and "try" (that's the operative word) to hide from him, but he always finds me. Then we pounce on each other. He is too funny sometimes. Ashley and I are talking about getting another kitten---for Cricket--- of course!

Cricket, by the way, can fetch. Seriously. I mean I realize it's on his terms (that's the way with cats), but last night when I was in bed reading The Da Vinci Code, a GREAT mystery, he jumped on my bed with a blue puff ball in his mouth. (Not the first time, but this was as though he really "got" this fetching business). Anyway, I proceeded to toss, and he'd jump off the bed to retrieve it, and then jump back on the bed with the puff ball in his mouth. I bet we did it over and over again about 50 times. Smart cat! Of course, his human HAD to go to sleep, so that was the end of his playing.

Cricket's coat is changing. He is so sleek and soft. Every day his tail is getting fluffier and beginning to resemble the plume I so remember Tibbs having, and after he turns 6 months on June 28th, I will schedule his neutering appointment. Poor Cricket, he has to go through life "ball-less"!!!

Although Cricket was shy for the first few days, the passage of a week and a rising comfort level created an amazing change; Cricket now wanted to play with anyone and everyone who visited our home. Not only was he insatiabley curious about the "new people', but he also was very friendly and gave "leg rubs" to all guests. He is so smart!! Like having a genius child who gets into everything before he can talk.

Cricket has discovered the window box in the kitchen, and I have had to systematically move items around because he would bat the tomatoes into the sink (when I wasn't home, of course) and play with a few teeny, tiny wooden houses Ashley made when she was 7 years old. Even though we do the whole spraying routine to try to keep him off the kitchen counters, if we are not watching, he will get up on the counter and go directly to the window box where he likes to lounge, stretch luxuriously in the sun, and then sleep all the while looking so angelic! Meow....ouch! Cricket is attacking my feet--trying to get my attention! Gotta go.



Well - we have decided to get a friend for Cricket. We asked and Cricket said he would love to have a little Lilac Point Boy kitten to have as a little brother. David & Caprice agreed it would be good for him so we now have a little boy we call 'Skitty".

Hello Caprice and David,

Our boys have bonded beautifully. Like human children, their personalities differ. Cricket is confident, friendly, loving, and ever curious. Skitty is shy but they are bestbuds. Can they every play chase! Being the dominant male, Cricket cleans the new guy, but I now notice that he sometimes cleans Cricket too!. By the way, Skitty fetches just the way Cricket can! As soon as I say "On your mark, get set..., he crouches ready to run after the toy I toss! It's so cute to see him sail off my bed in pursuit of a mouse. When he growls as he is bringing the mouse back to me, I tell him that he is such a "ferocious kitty!" Most of the time Cricket watches him fetch as though he is bemused by this frisky addition to our household.

My best to you both. Have a Merry Christmas.


PS: You all are right: Balinese need--have to be--with their owners. Right now, both are on the floor where they are sleeping inches away from my feet.

Dear David and Caprice,

This is Ashley writing to you guys this time. I am home from college for spring break and have just spend a wonderful week relaxing. I thought you might want an update on the cats.

I realized that we have had Cricket for a whole year now...time has flown by! As we speak, Skitty is sitting on the ironing board watching me type. He will probably come over in a few minutes and walk across the keyboard, then proceed to curl up in my lap and fall asleep. He is quite friendly to Mom and me and at times, he is more affectionate than Cricket, and he loves to be petted and snuggled with--when he is in the mood. Like Cricket, Skitty is one smart cat. He fetches just about anything--catnip mice, "tickle sticks" (those things with feathers on the end of an elastic string attached to a flexible rod), and, once, a toilet brush. He and Cricket are great friends, and "tussle" all the time. They sleep and play together, although sometimes Cricket feels the need for some tranquility and hides from the energetic kittenness of Skitty. It's so funny when I come home for a visit because the cats cannot decide whose room to sleep in, so they go back and forth during the night. I just got a digital camera, so I will send you pictures of them snuggling (so cute!!) when I get it set up.

Cricket was getting a little "hobbitty" (read: fat) so mom put him on a diet, which has helped a lot. He is getting slimmer, and I don't even think he misses the extra food. Mom and I both agree that he is a really exceptional cat, namely because he is so friendly...I mean...he would make friends with a Mastiff if it would let him. More often than not he greets me by running up, flopping down, and rolling over on his back with his legs in the air. He is a very trusting cat; he lets me kiss his belly and carry him around, purring the whole time. While it is true that Cricket really does have an "X factor," we agree that both Skitty and Cricket are special cats! Skitty, while not as gregarious as Cricket, is a total "snuggle bug" as the lady at the vet said. They are both a hoot to watch, and I am really happy at how close "the boys" have gotten. You guys have wonderful cats!!


This is an update. Skitty it seems, loves the bed. Christina wrote this of Skitty "If I am in bed, he will come and get under the covers and then come out and curl up next to me or stretch out, roll over and expose his belly all the while purring and “chirping” to be petted." Here is a photo of the two boys all grown up.

Christina also told us that Cricket taught his little brother Skitty to drink out of a glass! "Pathetic, isn’t it, the boys drink out of a glass on my night table next to my bed.—Cricket “taught” Skitty that trick".

It is always wonderful to hear how well our babies are doing and we thank Christina and Ashley for giving our boys such a good and loving home!

Prinkle McNulty

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