Dear Mom & Dad Townsend,

I should have put pen to paper ages ago but very busy establishing myself here and learning the ropes. My new sister Cissy, the black and white kitty has her nose out of joint because she thinks Mom loves her best. She can`t stay mad tho` because I play hide and seek at the drop of a toy mouse and big brother Asia only watches. (I think he`s a little slow).

Everything is great. Mom and I bonded immediately and she thinks I`m wonderful. I heard her tell dad the other day that she wished she`d adopted my brother too. That didn`t go over in a big way. He thinks three is enough.

So far all the "FAMILY" friends have thought I`m wonderful. Mom did get us into a heated discussion with a "Bali" woman the other day, guess she`s not too impressed with her and her kittens. Mom can be picky, think it runs in the family. Doesn`t matter to me, just means I`ll get more spoiled and pampered.

Overheard a conversation about a kitten being spayed, afraid it means me. Glad I`m not big enough yet but it won`t be long. I`m growing like a weed.

The pictures I`m sending aren`t very good but mom`s good camera is on the blink and I`m not very photogenic. Thank goodness one of mom`s best buddies is a professional photographer. The Christmas cards this year should feature me. Can`t wait to dismantle the tree. Must run, the writing area is getting crowded.

Think of you both with love and wonderful memories. Please don`t be hurt that I`m completely happy here, life is wonderful.


Mom will keep in touch.

Laura & Tula

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